April 23, 2015


     The 2015 season is here and we are now running 7 days a week on the Willamette River - except when we are having fun doing Festivals and Events.  Check our Festivals Page for more information on those.  And, call or email soon to reserve your special dates and times - we are starting to book up fast.. 

     Our first Event this year will be the Rhoddy Festival in Florence, Oregon on May 14 - 17. Come experience the Suislaw River, its grasslands, and the beautiful town of Florence on the Oregon Coast.  Tours are on the hour all 4 days and the price is $25 per seat. See you there!






Frequently Asked Questions


What is an airboat?

An airboat is a flat-bottomed vessel propelled in a forward direction by aircraft-type propeller(s) and powered by either an aircraft or automotive engine.  The engine and propeller are enclosed in a protective metal cage that prevents objects from coming in contact with the whirling propeller(s).  The propeller(s) produce a rearward column of air that propels the airboat forward.  Steering is accomplished by forced air passing across vertical rudders. There must be a forceful airflow in order for the vessel to be steered.  Airboats do not have brakes and are incapable of traveling in reverse.

The Captain and passengers are seated in elevated seats (stadium seating) that allows great visibility of everything around - and potentially in the airboat's path.  Steering the airboat is accomplished by swiveling vertical rudders positioned at the rear (stern) of the airboat.  The sound produced by an airboat's propeller and engine can be loud; the majority of the sound is produced by the propeller.  Modern airboat designs and technology have significantly reduced the sound that an airboat produces.  Also, the airboat engines are equipped with mufflers and multi-blade carbon-fiber propellers that greatly reduce the sound emitted by the airboat.


Where are you located?

We are operating our 2015 season by charter - mostly on the Willamette River - and at various festivals and events around the Pacific Northwest.  We will also be running a few day this summer on the Columbia River - likely near Beacon Rock Check and Bonneville Locks, as well as downriver around St. Helens with sights on the Lewis River and Cunningham Slough (St. Helen's Everglades).  Check our website here under Festivals for information on our upcoming Events.  Or, you can like us on Facebook and we will keep you up-to-date with the latest information.


What should I wear?

Remember that we are on the water and in the Pacific Northwest.  It is recommended that you dress in layers so that you can be assured that you will be warm.  Wear a hat if you like but remember that you will have aviation-like headsets to put on. The airboat is outfitted with a full intercom system.


What about life jackets?

Life jackets are available for everyone on the airboat. As a U.S. Coast Guard Certified and Inspected Vessel, however, no passengers are required by law to wear life jackets. Notwithstanding this, we recommend that children twelve (12) and under wear one and we have them available for any and all customers if they desire.


What are your days and hours of operation?

The airboat is available 7 days a week, excepting those dates previously reserved or set aside for festivals and events.  Email or call to see if the date and time you wish to reserve is available.  


How old/young can you be to ride the airboat?

The general rule for youngsters is – will they keep their headsets on?  If so, they are old enough to ride on the airboat.  The older folks are always our best customers.  The airboat is a safe and exciting - and a fun experience for all ages.


What licenses and certifications do you have?

The airboat is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard and licensed for commercial operations.  Your airboat Captains are U.S. Coast Guard Masters.  Both of them have decades of boating experience.


Do you accept reservations?

For the festivals and events - no.  Seating is on a first come - first served basis. 


Where do you go on the tours?

The tours can start anywhere on the Willamette River - from Willamette Falls going south.  We regularly launch in Corvallis, Albany, Salem and near the ferries in Buena Vista, Wheatland and Canby.     


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash and debit/credit cards.